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It’s deadline driven, insomnia fuelled creation at its best. Theatre Under the Gun, the 48-hour play creation challenge is back! This time with some social-distance-friendly changes!

The rules are the same. Six theatre companies receive an inspiration package and have 48 hours to create an original piece of theatre! But what does "theatre" look like when the performers and audiences are all isolated at home? We challenged these six groups to show us! They will have 48 hours to create and record a 10-minute play, and we'll all watch their creations together on April 21 on a live stream from Monster's YouTube channel.

Their creations will surprise, invite, enthral, terrify, provoke, and entertain you wherever you happen to be.

Hosted by Monster Theatre and co-presented by the Vancouver Fringe, Theatre Under the Gun is one of the most epic, exciting, surprising, and electric theatre events of the season.

Ticket prices are pay what you can online. We'll send you the link 24hours before showtime! You MUST "buy" a "ticket" to see the show, even if it's the $0 option!


After 48 hours caffeine induced of script writing, set decorating filming and editing, this was our entry for Theatre Under The Gun.

Written by Dusty Hagerud & Tara Travis

Puppeteers: Dusty Hagerud, Tara Travis,

Steven Snider, Jim Travis

Editors: Tara & Jim Travis

Sound Designer: Tara Travis

See the companies from Theatre Under the Gun 2020 Social Distancing Edition receive their inspiration packages LIVE! Companies get 48 hours to create a piece of "digital" theatre, using their inspiration packages as a starting point. To see the finished products go to and "buy" a ticket. Pricing options start at $0 and go to $100. We want no one to be unable to see the show because of finances. All are welcome. Theatre Under the Gun 2020 is Tuesday, April 21 @ 7pm PST Presented by Monster Theatre and the Vancouver Fringe Festival Featuring: Colour Sound Lab Woe Horsey Dusty Foot Productions The House Collective Sour Dog Theatre Mid-Youth Crisis For more info go to

A panel of experts discusses the inspiration packages and the companies participating in Theatre Under the Gun 2020. Featuring Kevin Loring, Heather Lindsay, Jeff Gladstone and Ryan Gladstone

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